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When it comes to tours there is no one better than Manoj .We were very lucky to have had him for our guide. He was prompt in corresponding and worked with us to come up with the best tour and price. He is well educated and very knowledgeable about the history and culture of India which he shared with us during the tour. He was very pleasant, accommodating and a pleasure to have as a guide.

For us it was the most memorable excursion ( and we have been on many excursions in many different parts of the world). I would say that Manoj’s hospitality and his willingness to work with the group to try to meet all their needs, just stands him apart from a lot of other tour operators. I give him a 5 star rating and recommend him highly.

 - Christel Loots-Grevelink, Teacher
     (Abbotts College - South Africa)



Excellent Tour

“India was great place to visit. In fact it was unbelievable. All women’s said it was the best vacation we have ever had and we have had many. The people of India are the kindest and nicest that we have ever met. Thank you for your part in arranging the trip.Excellent Tour! Enjoyed the yoga guidance & Classes given by Mr Manoj Rawat.”​

- Sabra Hitchcock, Psychologist



I enjoyed the classes very much and feel motivated to carry on meditation / Yoga. Manoj was nice and charming and gave great direction. ...MARK

Having completed a week of Yoga/ Meditation with Manoj in Rishikesh i feel balanced, strong, flexible and inspired. Manoj has a calm instructive style which ends itself to development and growth. His voice is hypnotic and he easily finds the level of his students and works with them in a supportive way.There is no sense that Manoj`s motivation is financial and he clearly wants to help his students.I have enjoyed each lesson differently and been very aware of my own development over a short time. I would highly recommend Manoj as a teacher... GAIL.

- Mark & Gail, Yoga Practitioners 



Dear Manu thank you so much for your guidance and teaching last week.Jon and I really enjoyed all your classes and really felt like we progressed in the sessions.We appreciated the your attention to detail in getting the postures right and both absolutely loved the relaxation at the end - you should definitely record it! We will definitely look you up next time we are in Rishikesh.


- Gemma Roskilly & Jonathon Bartlett,  Yoga Practitioners



A warm welcome from your side – what a great gain. When we arrived Rishikesh in the evening rain. You radiate a sense of calm with your relaxing voice. To join your class was such a good choice even if it your first yoga course, you feel comfortable not like on the back of a horse, no pressure , no force – you suit to our status we just go in  and let it flow , let it go.


We enjoyed more than your skill as a yoga teacher being a guide is also one of your feature getting around with a scooty and drinking a fresh iced mint smoothie.When we returned from a great dinner you offered us a slice of Pizza – no chance to get slim.
It was a pleasure to meet you , thank you so much.

Lovely regards

- Jasmin & Pascal, Yoga Practitioners

me marci.jpg


“Manoj Rawat helped our tour from Women's Journeys travel with ease. He treated us as long-lost relatives, eager to share the best his country has to offer. He added special details along the way, including greeting us at the airport with flowers to teaching yoga on a hotel rooftop at sunrise. When one traveler requested fruit, or another needed camera batteries, before the words were fully spoken, we had stopped to find the requested items. Manoj helped our Women's Journeys' tour navigate everything from too-spicy food to crossing crazy-busy streets! He enhanced our visit to the Taj Mahal by getting saris for each of us and having henna for our hands! In every place we visited, Manoj showed us the India he loves and we came away loving it, too!”​

-Marci Maniker, Women`s Journeys




I would like to say thank you to Mr, Manoj Rawat (Manu Yogi), he is not only a travel guide also is a guru in my journey ,  he is very caring and responsible person.

Every single minor thing, whatever food or shops, he always suggests a good one to make me very confident to eat and buy in India too.

In yoga sessions, his pranayama teachings can makes me very focus and concentrate in every breath , makes me feel my inner peace, silence and relax , besides the physical practices , he always happily share all of yoga philosophy to everyone , it is very precious knowledge during in the journey.

Enjoy the journey with the open heart.


Ah Yin, Sivananda Yoga Teacher



We really liked your class our expectations of coming to Rishikesh to learn more about yoga was to learn basics of pranayama & meditation.  In your class you gave us the pranayama. Also you gave your picture and experience about what yoga is about, which we really appreciated. You adjusted the class to us taking the class and gave personal advice of how we could do to process.
We will be taking with us many things from your class, not only the yoga practice, but also your warm welcoming and personality. Your class made a great impact and we will use knowledge from it in our coming yoga practice.
Thank you for sharing.

- Linda & Susanna, Yoga Practitioners



I really enjoyed my experience in Manoj yoga classes, everything was explained really well and very clear.

Postures were correct & i felt improvement through the 3 days. Manoj is very insightful. I really enjoyed his company.
Definitely recommended. 



- Rebbeca Hallam, Yoga Practitioner



I have appreciated your classes immensely. The time you took to explain each posture & the connections you made was very helpful.This is how I would like to teach my classes as well. Also, asking us how we felt after the poses was great too.The yoga I have taken in the past has at times been to fast & focused on the physical aspect with little spirituality involved. Asking us to go through the Sun Salutations by ourselves I like the best because I felt that’s when I could be the most then ever.
Thank you for your time & help again.
Happy to have gotten the chance to practice & learn from you .


- Anna Marie Pugel, Yoga Teacher



In 2013 I traveled to India for a few months. Myself and my husband booked our tour with Manoj Rawat ( Manu Yogi ) to take us to the areas we wanted to visit.


We had a lot of destinations we wanted to visit and pack into our time there so rather than wasting time using public transport we decided this would be the best option for us.

We were not disappointed. Manoj had everything thing organised very efficiently and really made our experience there so much better. He organised our guides, transport and our hotels and was aware of all the best places to bring us. He also loved showing us around and was very obvious how much he enjoyed showing people his home land.We have such wonderful memories of our time there and we cant wait to get back. We would highly recommend booking with Manoj, I know we will on our return trip.


- Janine Luck, 

Owner the Yoga Hub Australia.

Sivananda Yoga & Meditation Teacher



Dear Manoj, thank you so much for all your help whilst we stayed in Rishikesh! Not only did you provide the perfect morning yoga session you also helped us out massively when I got ill! Sticking me on the back of your bike & getting me to the nearest hospital.
You then kindly visited me most days bringing gifts off fruit! I'll never know how to thank you enough! When we come back to India we will most certainly be coming back up to visit you it the gorgeous hilltop space & maybe one of your tours, they look brilliant.
Thanks for the healing.

Abbie Hatton, Yoga Practitioner



"A very well explained class with good English.Breathing exercises the 

Pranayama was new to me & i would like to continue it.

Thank you for guidance Manoj. Definitely recommended" 


-  Dean Jarvis, Yoga Practitioner

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